In the Zone

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Haven't blogged for the while - been busy exercising! LOL Not having huge results on the scales which is a bit disappointing. However, I keep telling myself that its not just about numbers on the scales!

Have really amped up the exercise regime, so much so I am sore constantly. There is never a day when I'm NOT sore! But it's good sore, I guess.

My knees are coping, I feel invigorated.

Lost another 500gms this week, I'm aligning all my weighins to one day (except Wed when my PT pops me on the scales).

Downward....downward....slow and steady wins the race!!!


Ms.Angel said...

That's the way, keep up the good working! I also been super focused on the exercise and not to hung up on the scale, eventually will get there and probably will stay there too :) Keep at it