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Well I have an inspection on Wednesday of next week, so it's all hands on deck spring cleaning the house. It's a new Real Estate, as the other one sold out. I'm a bit nervous, 'cause you don't know what sort of standards they have. If I were taking over a new property portfolio, I would do my research and look back over the records. They would see that we are excellent tenants, that we have never been late with our rent, that the house and yard is well kept and looked after like it were my own.

The owners came and did an inspection end of last year and were over the moon with the way we have looked after the house for them. She even commented that it is similarly decorated to the way they had it!

However, I still panic around inspection time and have to make sure everything is sparkling clean.

On the bright side, it's always a good excuse for a great spring clean, so the house gets a thorough going over every 3 months.

Cause its been raining so much, the gardens and lawns have gone crazy and the pool is looking a bit murky.

Our house is our home, I am an old fashioned girl with lots of pictures on the wall, an old genoa lounge with tapestry pattern, tapestries on the walls, ornaments etc etc. The kids reckon it's an "old" person's house! LOL I can't help it, I was brought up by grandparents!

I like the "cottage" look. Some would say it is cluttered... but each to their own. My home is very "homely" and "welcoming".

I'm also a bit of a hippy chick from the 70's :) So I like incense, feng shue, candles. I guess you could call me ecclectic :)

Anyhoo, best get back to it. Just finished the sky lights and light fittings, have to get stuck into the fans and walls now. The house is gonna look beautiful when I'm finished!!!!

Anyone wanna come round for coffee???? LOL

Luv Gwennie :)