No bingeing last night....yeeeaahhhhh

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Woke up around 1.30pm went to loo, turned right back around and went to bed again! No shuffling in a dopey haze to the kitchen to grab handsful of grated cheese!

One day down.... the rest of my life to go.....

Good gym session last night. Lost weight since last Tues, bit over a kilo. Saturday is my own personal weigh in day though, so time will tell...

Feeling a bit sore in my shoulders, cause we do lots of upper body work in my PT session. PT says my pushups are getting much stronger, we do them on the diagonal now. Started on the wall, have progressed to half way down using an exercise machine for support, then we'll progress to the floor!

Combat tonight, I do love Combat so. It's a great class with an excellent instructor she really gets you pumping! She is really tall, really energetic and really strong. She is my goal..... a beautiful big strong amazon of a woman and fit as hell! That will be me in a couple of more years!

I've been giving some thought to my future and what I would ultimately like to do. I was thinking what a wonderful motivator I could be to other big women. Women who struggle through life like me. I know what's going on in their mind, I know how hard it is to stay motivated under duress, I know how hard it is to keep pushing through when you're in pain, I know how embarrassing it can be exercising, sweating, smelling...... and just "living" in the real world when you are overweight.

"Food" for thought :) pardon the pun :)


Berys said...

Well done Gwennie with the no Binging ..and your thoughts on what you want to do ..sounds good to me maybe you should put more thought into it ..lets face it you have been there