Bloody Hot

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It is so hot here in Brissie today, it is incredibly muggy and the temp is high, or feels like it! I have done nothing but sweat pretty much all day. We went shopping today and dreaded getting out of the air conditioned car into the air conditioned shop! We had to get some stuff from the Warehouse and they don't have air conditioning - it was horrendous!

There were lots of cranky people in the shops today too.

It's so funny (well not funny haha) but I heard alot of Mothers screaming at their kids and speaking to them terribly and I thought to myself, I wonder if I did that when I was stessed, hot and bothered? I probably did. It is so embarrassing to hear, but most Mothers have probably done it at one time or another when they've lost their patience with their kids.

But the way these Mothers were speaking to their kids was terrible, it was just "nasty", it made me feel sad. How much damage do we do to our kids when we speak to them this way? What sort of an example are we setting for them? They in turn probably treat others the same way, including their siblings?

We, as parents, have alot to answer for.

My kids are all grown up now and they love me and their Father, they tell me often enough and we love them with all our hearts. One day I felt the need to sit them all down and apologise to them for the times I may have treated them badly when they were little. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't an abuser or anything, I probably just lost my patience with them, I smacked them when I was angry, I yelled at them. I probably said things that I didn't mean at times when I was hormonal, hot, tired, anxious...human things, human feelings...

You can't go back, you can only make amends and go forward.