More self discovery

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Well I went of the rails last night. I have been following the Blood Type eating plan now from before Xmas ie no wheat, no dairy, no coffee and various other things not recommended for my blood type (O).

So I felt like "busting out" last night. I had a massive craving for icecream and pasta. So I had a big bowl of spaghetti bolognaise and some icecream for dessert, I also had a glass of red wine (after telling myself I wasn't going to drink alcohol again until June).

I also had a craving for a skinny latte for brekkie.

Well, am I paying for it today! I feel AWFUL! I feel all stodgy, bloated, depressed, sluggish...overall just BLAH.

My stomach feels and looks like I'm about to give birth!

We live and learn, I know in my heart that when I eat fresh foods and stay way from wheat, dairy and coffee, I feel so much better! I have more energy and I feel good about myself.

Blow out over..... will probably have another before long. But for now, I've learnt my lesson.

Heading off for a swim now. Its so damn HUMID! I can't stop sweating, it's gross - I feel gross.

Hopefully a good swim for half an hour will brighten me up a bit and loosen my tummy up a bit!

As I said.... we live and learn.