Terrible nightmare

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The weirdest thing happened last night/this morning. I was dreaming about my old cat Taffy. We had him for 21 years and he was with us when the kids were growing up, he was part of our family. Sadly he passed away around 3 years ago now.

Lately, both husband and I have been calling our other cat "Taffy", who we have had for about 9-10 years!!! Her name is Freckles.

It was a terrible dream, about Taffy dying. I woke up physically crying, tears were streaming down my face, I has wrenching with sorrow. In the dream, I was holding him in his last death thrashes and it felt so real, it was really awful.

The circumstance of his "real" death was pretty awful too. We lived in a rural area at the time and our phones were out, they were always out as the lines were old and Telstra was always having to come and fix them!

My youngest daughter was the first home and found him dying. Don't know how long he had been lying there on the cold tile floor in Canberra, poor thing. She couldn't ring anyone, all she could do was sit with him and wait for someone to come home. She was too scared to touch him, she was only 13 at the time. It was very traumatic for her. I suspect this could have been a trigger for her "depression".

She cites that it was like he was waiting for someone from the family to get home before he died. He was closest to me, but I guess he thought daughter would do. She said at the last, he looked up at her and she felt like he "knew".

Husband was the next one home, sadly he had passed away by the time he got home. Daughter was beside herself and inconsolable, together they decided to bury him before I got home as I was the closest to him and they thought I would be too distressed to see him.

I never got to say good bye.

I don't know what triggered this nightmare this morning, but it was so incredibly real and I feel a bit "weird" this morning.

Why should I dream about him dying after all these years?

Food for thought....