Something's not quite right

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I feel a bit "off" today, its a lousy day. Overcast, miserable. My mood is so affected by the weather! I only have a few days of holidays left, so feeling anxious about going back to work. House is a mess and need to do a million things, need to take the xmas decorations down, need to sort out the girls rooms, need to do the washing. Feel a little overwhelmed.

Husband is getting on my nerves. He sleeps or he watches TV and its driving me NUTS! I know he can't do much, because of his knees.

But when you see people like LoseToLive who can't walk, actually doing something like boxing. It makes me mad at him. He's just given up, I know he's in pain, I know it hurts to do stuff. But he doesn't even try! I'm so angry at him for giving up. He has no quality of life at all, I can't just do that, I can't just give up...I have too much left to do in my life. We were suppose to do it together.


Kathiej said...

Thanks Gwen for dropping into my blog.
I too find my moods are affected by the weather.
As for hubby... I don't think he is much different from many men...most men do that at some stage.
Don't let him stop keep going.. he will catch up.
Life is for living you go girl

Its all about me said...

I had a blah day too. I think the weather was doing it to me too. I agree with Kathie don't let hubby stop you from doing what is needed to be done because once he sees you achieving things he will catch up and unfortunatly for us our men lose faster than us sigh. Looking forward to reading your journey.