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Took myself and the kids off to Alma Park Zoo today. Walked for four and a half hours! Plus did a 40 minute swim this morning.

The only food they had at the cafe was things like hamburgers, chips and sandwiches. Given that I'm not eating bread anymore....well I asked for a chicken burger without the bun and got a plate full of chicken and salad, it was very nice and sustained me for the day. Plus for a snack I had a Watermelon and Pineapple Frosty Fruit made with real juice, it was so yummo!

Plus I picked up fish and chips for the family for dinner, I got a grilled fish fillet and came home and had it with a nice large salad.

Had a wonderful day, feel like I've eaten healthily and exercised sufficiently.

Oh and.... had my pic taken with the snake again, 12 months on in the same shirt and I can really see the difference particularly in my face - different snake though. I'll try and scan and upload for a comparison for before and after...

For today: I feel very proud of my achievements so far.


Julie said...

well done .... sounds like a great day full of good choices!