Sunday at the Coast

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Spent the day at Noosaville visiting friends from Canberra. We had a lovely day. Caught the bus from their Unit to the beach. We were going to go swimming. However, it's been a pretty lousy day today and started raining.

So, we decided to just go have lunch at the Lifesaving Club and we spent hours there, just sitting, talking, laughing, watching the water and drinking.

Calories blown again today with evil alcohol!!! But it was a nice day.

Monday tomorrow....back on track. Yeaahhh....pump!!!

I really need to stop drinking, if I did that I think I would lose weight alot faster.

I've given up so many other things, I am hesitant to give this up though. But it is a calorie killer!

Because I've given up so much already, it shouldn't be too much trouble, I should just do it. Even if just for 6 months or so to give my weightloss a better chance.